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For all the talk about XML, a variation of SGML that can be used for Web publishing, there has been little action. But Sports Illustrated has used the document language to manage a high-profile project under unforgiving time pressure, and then turned the system into a tool for everyday operations.

The weekly sports publication teamed up with cable channel TBS to put news photos of the Special Olympics online using XML. TBS sponsors the international athletic competition, which concluded earlier this month, and it wanted to market the games by making photographs of the event available free to any media outlet. Because the project wouldn’t make any money, it had to be cheap and automated, using the Web as the delivery medium.

TBS solicited proposals from sources inside and outside of Time Inc., the parent company of both TBS and Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated won the bid, beating major competition such as AllSport Photography (USA) Inc.

“The money wasn’t even a huge thing. It’s part of being a good corporate citizen,” said Phil Jache, Sports Illustrated deputy picture editor. The magazine was covering the games anyway, so it simply sent more photographers.

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