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Attention Year 2000 project managers: What you don’t know about desktop applications and hardware could wreak havoc on your business. IT managers focused on year 2000 bugs in legacy mainframe systems are overlooking a critical area where minefields are lurking in everyday applications such as spreadsheets and data files created by end users.

However, new tools from companies including WRQ Inc., Migratec Inc., Viasoft Inc. and Network Associates Inc. promise to inventory, assess and, in some cases, fix the date fields in desktop systems. Still, companies are not shifting serious resources to desktop year 2000 projects fast enough, according to industry experts, who say this area is more difficult to manage and maintain than mainframes. And if desktop data is not tested and fixed in time, any files that interact with compliant host systems could become contaminated and cause major business applications to fail. Financial macros created in spreadsheets with two-digit date fields, for example, will compute incorrect figures for pricing derivatives and stock options, if they are not fixed, observers say.

Whereas central IT controls the mainframe, business units generally maintain their own desktops, and people in these areas often are not very educated about the year 2000