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Internet: When it works the way it’s supposed to, middleware disappears into the background of an organizational infrastructure. Publish and subscribe (P&S) middleware, which occupies the middle ground of the middleware world, is no different.

Sometimes referred to as pull software or smart-push software, P&S middleware enables information consumers to subscribe to particular messages (sometimes known as data events, to distinguish them from e-mail-type messages) while making it easy for information producers to publish data events. P&S products can keep a lid on network traffic, even when there’s lots of data and many subscribers, by using message routers and multicast transmission to distribute information. You may also want to see this site.

I examined three leading P&S solutions: Open Horizon’s Ambrosia, Talarian’s SmartSockets, and Tibco’s TIB/Rendezvous. These products typically become an integral part of a large organization’s computing infrastructure, using many different platforms, networks, and architectures, as well as different applications.

Choosing a tool is more than a matter of finding one that helps you build what you want. Most middleware tasks can be handled by most P&S solutions, but some just work better and are easier to implement than others for a particular application. Architecture, programming API, level of