What is this?

This project is a fan made standalone game that runs on the FreeSpace Open engine. It is not a mod since you do not need FreeSpace in order to run it. Shadows of Lylat is not for any console system, and we are not affiliated by Nintendo, Argonaut Software, Namco, Q-Games, or anyone else terribly important. To play it, all you will need is a fairly recent computer system. Exact system requirements aren't set yet, but they shouldn't be that bad.

So what's going to be in it?

When does the story take place?

The story takes place between Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures. Yes, there is content from Assault, but there are good reasons for that.

Will we see Andross?

No. Next question.

Is it going to be just like Star Fox?

No. Star Fox is more of an arcade shooter, while Freespace is a simulation shooter. While the SCP allows us to do many awesome things, we won't be able to get it just like the original games.

Can I help?

Yes! Even if its one thing, it does help us out a lot. We are really looking for texture, effect, and concept artists, but we are always looking for other positions as well. Send a message to DaBrain or Axem if you have any skills that you want to lend to this project. Voice actors are welcome too, but if you want to apply for being one, check out the Voice Acting Casting Call thread.

Why is Shadows of Lylat a special game among the Freespace 2 open games?

Shadows of Lylat is meant to push the engine to its limits, using the most recent features the engine has and will get. We're using everything we can to make sure it is always one of the most advanced games based on Freespace 2.

When is it coming out?

It will be done when it is done. We're doing this in our own and for zero money, so that's the best we can give you. That being said, we're trying our best to get a demo done for people to try. When that comes out is another bunch of wonderful question dodging. We're working on it.

Will this run on a Windows, Mac or Linux?

The engine is cross platform, so it should run on any major platform.

What is the high-end package?

The high-end pack is ment for users with real high-end machines only. It features extremely high-res textures for some models and might feature some more complex models. It's gernerally stuff, we decided to remove from the main game, as the visual improvements do not justify the performance loss on most PCs. You need a 512 MB gfx card to use this pack.

Will we see Shadows of Lylat ported to Wii?

We will neither port Shadows of Lylat to the Wii, nor will we allow anybody else to do it! If we can manage to do it, we'll even make it impossible to play Shadows of Lylat on the Wii completely. Sorry folks but we want to stay on Nintendo's good side and if you haven't noticed those homebrew channels are hacks not supported by Nintendo. So in no way will we support Shadows of Lylat on Wii.

I have seen videos that say this game is for Wii, are you guys working with Nintendo?

Shadows of Lylat is in no way associated, affiliated or a part of Nintendo. If anyone tries to post fake videos saying our game is for Wii or from Nintendo we will remove it from any website it gets posted on, this is a warning to anyone that has that idea and thinks it is funny. We have had to do this before, so we ask all if you see a video that has done this send us the link! People who want to see this project finished and not have Nintendo interfere will abide by these rules and fully acknowledge this is a fan made project.