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Attention Year 2000 project managers: What you don’t know about desktop applications and hardware could wreak havoc on your business. IT managers focused on year 2000 bugs in legacy mainframe systems are overlooking a critical area where minefields are lurking in everyday applications such as spreadsheets and data files created by end users.

However, new tools from companies including WRQ Inc., Migratec Inc., Viasoft Inc. and Network Associates Inc. promise to inventory, assess and, in some cases, fix the date fields in desktop systems. Still, companies are not shifting serious resources to desktop year 2000 projects fast enough, according to industry experts, who say this area is more difficult to manage and maintain than mainframes. And if desktop data is not tested and fixed in time, any files that interact with compliant host systems could become contaminated and cause major business applications to fail. Financial macros created in spreadsheets with two-digit date fields, for example, will compute incorrect figures for pricing derivatives and stock options, if they are not fixed, observers say.

Whereas central IT controls the mainframe, business units generally maintain their own desktops, and people in these areas often are not very educated about the year 2000

Better known by its code name, “Java activator,’ Java Plug-in aims not only to resolve incompatibilities between the Java virtual machines (VMs) for the Netscape and Microsoft browsers, but also to help address the chum in versions of Java VMs by allowing developers to specify which Java VM their applets are designed to work with. Java Plug-in, which in this initial release supports Windows 95, Windows NT, and Solaris, will work with Internet Explorer 3.02 and Netscape Navigator 3.0, as well as with the latest releases of those browsers.

java-plugJava Plug-in can be used to redirect applets away from the Java VMs included with Microsoft’s and Netscape’s browsers to one supplied by JavaSoft. Netscape has endorsed this approach, which dovetails with its decision to get out of the business of creating its own Java VM and to make it easier to integrate replacements. Microsoft argues that few users or developers will want to replace its Java VM, which is widely seen as one of the most stable and highest-performing.


Sun and Apple Computer announced last week that they are cooperating to adapt Java Plug-in as a way of making Apple’s MacOS Runtime for Java (MRJ) work

For all the talk about XML, a variation of SGML that can be used for Web publishing, there has been little action. But Sports Illustrated has used the document language to manage a high-profile project under unforgiving time pressure, and then turned the system into a tool for everyday operations.

The weekly sports publication teamed up with cable channel TBS to put news photos of the Special Olympics online using XML. TBS sponsors the international athletic competition, which concluded earlier this month, and it wanted to market the games by making photographs of the event available free to any media outlet. Because the project wouldn’t make any money, it had to be cheap and automated, using the Web as the delivery medium.

TBS solicited proposals from sources inside and outside of Time Inc., the parent company of both TBS and Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated won the bid, beating major competition such as AllSport Photography (USA) Inc.

“The money wasn’t even a huge thing. It’s part of being a good corporate citizen,” said Phil Jache, Sports Illustrated deputy picture editor. The magazine was covering the games anyway, so it simply sent more photographers.

What they used

IT projects usually entail laborious

famatrPatients who have rheumatoid arthritis (RA) usually take drugs prescribed by doctors. Some doctors prefer more natural medicaments and may suggest a patient to include dietary supplements and do the exercise in order to help them to ease their pain and fatigue in bones and joints. If you have RA, maybe your doctor will advise you on choosing the best diet for rheumatoid arthritis. Some will advise you to switch to vegan or vegetarian diet, but it can be a problem to some people. If you can give up on meat, try the vegan diet and include as many fruits and veggies in your daily life as possible. There is one thing that should be emphasized when speaking about RA and diet. Some food allergies may make the rheumatoid symptoms to get worse, so a patient should be careful about what’s on the kitchen table each day. For instance, shrimps and dairy products (milk, butter, and cheese) may cause allergies at some people and these allergies may make your rheumatoid arthritis worse. So, try eliminating these ingredients if you are allergic to them and you will reduce the RA symptoms. Replace them with some other ingredients that do you good.…

Internet: When it works the way it’s supposed to, middleware disappears into the background of an organizational infrastructure. Publish and subscribe (P&S) middleware, which occupies the middle ground of the middleware world, is no different.

Sometimes referred to as pull software or smart-push software, P&S middleware enables information consumers to subscribe to particular messages (sometimes known as data events, to distinguish them from e-mail-type messages) while making it easy for information producers to publish data events. P&S products can keep a lid on network traffic, even when there’s lots of data and many subscribers, by using message routers and multicast transmission to distribute information. You may also want to see this site.

I examined three leading P&S solutions: Open Horizon’s Ambrosia, Talarian’s SmartSockets, and Tibco’s TIB/Rendezvous. These products typically become an integral part of a large organization’s computing infrastructure, using many different platforms, networks, and architectures, as well as different applications.

Choosing a tool is more than a matter of finding one that helps you build what you want. Most middleware tasks can be handled by most P&S solutions, but some just work better and are easier to implement than others for a particular application. Architecture, programming API, level of

For the common user, computer data recovery is a hard term to understand. A regular computer user who has not invested his time to understand what computer data recovery is will find a lot of difficulty whenever disaster strikes unless they have a backup plan. Computer data recovery is that process that helps you get back the data which you have lost. It can take a few hours to days depending on the amount of damage caused to your hard disk.

Hard driveLoss of data in a computer can be a result of many things. One, natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, thunderstorms and fires may lead to damaged hard disks. When faced with such a crisis, you should not try to sort it out; instead leave it and let the experts handle it.

Another cause for loss of data can be viruses. When your computer is directly connected to the internet, you should have an antivirus which is strong enough to protect your machine from these viruses. Also, this kind of antivirus program should be one that is updated on a daily or weekly basis to ensure maximum protection. Corrupt hard disks are also a cause of data loss in a computer. To avoid this, one should use disks that are clean and up to standard.

To any organization, data is considered one of its most precious assets, alongside the human workforce. As such, many organizations invest heavily in ensuring that the data is kept safe and secure, and that its integrity is not compromised in any manner. A damaged hard drive can be brutal. This should be the case for every company, but it is hardly ever the truth. In many cases, businesses will adopt a reactionary stance; waiting for disaster to Read on »

raid-server-diskThe answer is in the negative. When you say layman, it means somebody who has no formal training in as far as RAID 5 recovery is concerned. In its simplest sense, it refers to ordinary people who rely on Do It Yourself instructions to do pseudo technical jobs. Given that definition of a layman, it may not be impossible to start with the recovery process but I bet the completion and its success would be the one that would be impossible to accomplish.

Any kind of RAID recovery requires enough training in hardware and software troubleshooting. The process requires the manual retrieval of images from parity lines for restoration into the original array of disks. If your Raid 5 system is composed of 3 disk drives, one of these will be utilized for the parity line. That utilized drive will store all the images that will come in handy once failure of the other operating disk drives occurs. The images from the parity lines will be arranged and stacked up together to form a sequence which will lead to full data restoration. The process is never easy. Even IT experts sometimes fail to retrieve the images and to restore the data that is lost.

More About RAID
“RAID 5 or Redundant Array of Inexpensive (or Independent) Disks that have been built in a level 5 volume set is a combination of hard drives that are designed for data to be written throughout three or more additional drives. In this kind of RAID, additional data is written to the disk in order to let the volume to be rebuilt in case a single drive fails to function. In case a single drive fails to function, the RAID 5 recovery will do its job to retrieve the data by replacing the damaged disk to a new one. The parity data will be used to rebuild the contents of the damaged disk.

Doing the RAID 5 recovery can be done in two ways. You can use the hardware or the software configuration. The difference between the two is that the hardware configuration uses a physical controller, which is usually built in the motherboard, that is responsible for the reading and writing of data within the hard drives in the volume; whereas, the software configuration uses a standard drive controller and the software utility manages the drives in the volume. Professional RAID 5 recovery is advantageous because in cases where a disk fails or has been corrupted; the data can often be retrieved through the other disks in the volume.

For the past decades, computer experts have been dreaming up ways of how to store high volumes of data without getting too expensive. Thus, they were able to find a solution in the form of RAID. It is a system developed where low cost hard drives are put together to give or provide high quality storage of data, excellent performance, and reliability over the older storage systems. Typically, there are three forms of RAID used for desktop computers. RAID 5 is the most powerful RAID form used in the desktop computer system. But a RAID 5 array may break down and there may be a possibility that data may be lost if not taken care of immediately. Once it happens, RAID 5 recovery is needed so as not to prolong the damage and for the other disks no to be affected.

The RAID 5 recovery process is somewhat complex. It is because finding Read on »

Do you need your portable hard drive to be fixed? Well if you find a highly qualified specialist in hard drives, they can make this happen for you in no time and even ensure that they retrieve all your information without losing data from the drive. Though they might be slightly expensive, they will surely do a commendable job for you. Most of these external hard drive recovery geniuses even give you a warrant so that in case the hard drive they have fixed experiences some problem before the end of the warranty, then they will rebuild it for you for free.

Most people believe that finding a cheap external hard drive repair specialist is hard. This at times is true but only if you do not really know where to find one. Most of the experts in disk drive repair are found online, of course. Here you can get a good look at their services and choose from the one you think you can trust. Once you are able to trust them, only then can you give the data recovery service your external hard drive, but still make sure you make regular checks on their progress. In cases where they stop communicating with you, you should get in touch instead, as these shops are typically quite busy.

problemsFinding a skilled online external hard drive repair engineer at times is very tricky and requires one to be very keen. A lot of people have lost external hard drives which have a very minor problem just because they entrusted their hard drives to people who were not effective specialists. Therefore, before you actually entrust someone with your drive, you should do your own research and make sure that they are the real deal, and are recognized in their trade.

One can find a hard drive repair specialist by looking for people who have been working in the industry for some time. This is because to begin with, these people are experienced and in most cases, they will just explain to you the steps they will take to get your hard drive to work. In addition to that, these people will not want to ruin their reputation – which they have worked so hard to create – just because of one external hard drive. Review sites are also a popular avenue, such as Yelp.

If your computer hasn’t been working properly recently, you may possibly be in need of a hard drive repair.

The first thing to do is to Read on »

hdrHDD recovery is basically retrieving lost data on a hard disk drive. Usually, the disk was exposed to physical damage, which could mechanically spoil it. For example, if a laptop fell on a hard ground, it may encounter hard disk damage.

Meanwhile, corrupt files could also damage the hard drive: erasing all its data. One could manually retrieve the data or use special software designed to do the work. For manual retrieval of data from a damaged hard drive there are costs involved. Software developers also charge highly for their products and services. However, the best thing is that HDD recovery is the best thing in panicking situation especially where one fears of totally losing their data.

The lesson therefore is to take good care of the computer. One should not put it in compromising positions as its hard drive might get damaged easily and cost heavily. A backup is very necessary for every document a computer user considers useful. Just because of the high availability of HDD recovery one should not be careless to lose their data as it is sometimes impossible to retrieve the data especially where the hard disk is physically damaged – some of its components have broken down completely.

Why You Need HDD Recovery

Hard drives are finely tuned machinery where the important data and files are stored for use when necessary. These data and files can be lost due to failure of hard drive functions. The failure may be on account of various reasons, such as malfunction of power up systems, dropping, hitting, excessive heat or other external Read on »

With a certificate protocol, some Java applets and ActiveX components receive special privileges. For the corporate developer, this arrangement makes sense. You can design a system where certain applets perform file I/O, for instance. (In the case of importing a file, this ability allows a new Java-based system to mimic an older client-server application.) You might even consider caching data locally to improve performance.

problemsAs you might expect, Microsoft has been innovative in letting developers gain access to native or legacy code from within Java applets and ActiveX controls. These options usually involve making a choice, particularly with running Internet Explorer. (In the worst case, if it bothers you, it involves running a Win32 system of some sort.)

A reasonable counterargument, says Bob Haley, spokesman for US Netizen, is that corporate developers make such choices all the time. We invest in a technology infrastructure–hardware and software–and can actually define minimum requirements to run on an intranet, such as operating systems and browsers. Writing 100 percent pure Java–with no access to legacy code–is a fine ideal, but many of us have legacy systems to migrate to and maintain.

One of the niftiest tricks of Microsoft’s Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) (